Modeling the Plane Radiation Structures Consisting of Discrete Elements

: pp. 1 - 10
Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Modeling the radiation pattern (RP) of plane arrays has been carried out using the strict electrodynamical solution of the respective direct problem that allows obtaining the representation of RP in the explicit operator form. The system of integral equations of the Hallen type is used for the determination of the current distribution in the apertures of radiators. The optimal excitation coefficients in apertures are determined while minimization of functional presenting the mean-square deviation of the given and synthesized amplitude RPs. The additional terms in the functions are applied for the minimization of radiation in a near zone of array and limitation on the values of excitation coefficients. The computational results demonstrate the quick convergence of the proposed iterative procedure and the ability to synthesize the prescribed amplitude RPs of the various types.

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