Еvaluation of rotational barrel segment mixing performance with CFD analysis

: 190-195
Technical University of Košice, Department of CAx Technologies
Technical University of Košice, Department of CAx Technologies
Lublin University of Technology, Department of Polymer Processing
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Introducing a new element rotational barrel segment (RBS) into the construction of single screw extruder (SSE) significantly changes kinematic of motion in SSE. The main goal of incorporating RBS into SSE construction is to improve output and mixing capabilities. To evaluate three types of RBS geometries, CAE analysis was performed with ANSYS POLYFLOW® software. Evaluation of three different RBS geometries at two different movement states (screw co-rotating and screw counter-rotating) provided detailed insight in flow phenomena occurring in melted polymer during passing through RBS. CFD simulation of melt flow in SSE allows analyzing various processing conditions, screw geometries and even complicated kinematic couples as screw-RBS.

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