Modeling of Innovative Development of Administration of Ooutsourcing Activities of It-Market Enterprises

: pp. 11-18
Lviv Politechnic National University, Department of Management and International Entrepreneurship
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Outsourcing provides IT companies with a number of benefits and improves the financial and economic performance of their operations. The outsourcing market in Ukraine is developing fast, many types of outsourcing are used in various types of economic activity. Implementation of outsourcing as one of the most popular business models necessitates constant and well-coordinated cooperation with other business entities. The need for outsourcing research and modeling of its administration methods today is acute and corresponds to the directions of the latest scientific arch and practical applications, which substantiates the relevance and practical feasibility of this study.

In this work scientific-methodical, normativelegal sources concerning administration of outsourcing activity are investigated, the state of administration of outsourcing activity of IT enterprises is studied and problems, which arise in the administration of outsourcing activity, are analyzed. The ways of their elimination in order to improve the economic indicators of economic activity of IT enterprises and ways of modeling of their innovation development are proposed. Taking into account the results obtained in the work, we note the rapid innovation development of the global outsourcing market over the last decades. We consider it is expedient to model the outsourcing market in Ukraine, which develops rapidly. Since outsourcing provides numerous benefits to the company and positively affects the economic performance of its activities, this proves the feasibility of its introduction into the business activities of enterprises. Having numerous varieties, now outsourcing has been distributed in virtually all types of economic activity of enterprises.

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