About the Сonference

In 2018, the Department of Artificial Intelligence and the Department of Publishing Information Technologies of Lviv Polytechnic National University organized and successfully conducted an International Workshop on Informatics & Data-Driven Medicine for the first time. The founder team consists of Prof. Nataliia Shakhovska, Dr. Ivan Izonin, Dr. Solomiia Fedushko, and Dr. Nataliia Melnykova. In 2018 and 2019, this Workshop was held in Lviv, Ukraine. 

The considered up-to-date tasks, the high quality of the submitted materials, and the capable organization of IDDM Workshops ensured its recognition by such scientometric databases Scopus, Web of Science, and dblp. In addition, the Workshop's success got the possibility to publish its materials on a free open-access publication service at Sun SITE Central Europe, CEUR-WS.org. It allowed making future events free of charge for both speakers and listeners. IDDM-2018 became the first in the Ukraine Workshop indexed by the three of the top scientometric databases.

During these years, the Workshop was supported by the newly established Ukrainian Regional Chapter of an International Neural Network Society and public organization, "Ukrainian Scientific IT Society." Moreover, large IT companies SoftServeSigma Software, and Global Logic, also supported these Workshops.

The topical issues in Informatics and Medicine areas discussed at the first two Workshops, grown into interest inside the science world. Therefore, it caused an increase in the number of new submissions for the following years. The Program Committee decided to reclassify the event into a Conference in 2020.

The Conference IDDM-2020 was organized and successfully held in Sweden to engage academics, scientists, and practitioners worldwide. Our partners from Linnaeus University provided all the necessary conditions for the Conference at a high level.

The Ranking Advisory Committee of the Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE Inc.) evaluated three previous events and awarded the IDDM Conference a category C. IDDM-2021 became the first Conference in Ukraine to receive such a high rating from CORE.

The conference IDDM-2021 was held in Valencia, Spain, with our Polytechnic University of Valencia partners.