Research into ambiguity function of narrow-band, multi-band and ultra-wideband radiometric complexes with multi-antenna systems

: pp.83-88
N.Ye. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"
N.Ye. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute
Institute of Water Transport, Petro Konashevych-Sahaydachniy State Maritime Academy

An optimal algorithm for radiometric imaging with high spatial resolution is obtained. An analytical expression for the ambiguity function (AF) of narrow-band, multi-band and ultra-wideband (UWB) radiometric complexes with multi-antenna systems is derived. The impact of the antennas geometry, antennas number, as well as the narrow-band, multi-band and UWB predetection section on spatial resolution is investigated. It is shown that using multi-antenna systems with multi-band and UWB signal processing contributes to the formation of AF with one main lobe.

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