aesthetic culture of a lawyer

Aesthetic aspect in law

It has been found that the problem of the aesthetic culture of a lawyer as a manifestation of spirituality belongs to those humanitarian problems that are called "eternal". It is especially relevant in dramatic periods of human history, one of which is now, in particular, experienced in Ukraine, when fundamentally new life phenomena and circumstances adjust the ways and means of life choice and social self-determination of individuals.

Spiritual and aesthetic aspects being professional lawyer: intelligible and sensyble comprehension

The article elucidates the role of the spiritual-aesthetic factor as one of the main elements
in the process of modeling professional being of a lawyer, which takes the part of the
personality self-creation and permeates his/her whole life. Nowadays the spiritual-aesthetic
factor is characterized by means of such concepts as a way of thinking, mentality, ideals and
values, aims, value orientations of a lawyer