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Influence of Transformation Coefficient of Refrigerating Machine on Exergetic Efficiency of Air Conditioning System of Operating Clean Rooms

Exergetic method is a universal way of thermodynamic research of various processes of energy transformation in energy technological systems, to which air conditioning system for clean room belongs. Implementation of exergetic analysis for energy technological system makes it possible to determine the influence of various elements of its system on its work and because of this to increase the effectiveness of work of energy technological system in general.

Investigations on the Innovation Model of Exergy Effectiveness of Air Conditioning System for Operating Cleanrooms

The issue of fuel and energy saving is a top priority for energy technological systems (ETS) such as air conditioning systems (ACS). Thus, reduction of energy consumption for ACS requires optimization of these systems which can be obtained on the basis of the exergy analysis. This analysis takes into account not only the quantity of the energy being consumed but also its quality. By taking into account the exergy during calculation of balances and various characteristics of ETC (including ACS) the scientific and engineering problems can be solved in a simple and easily understandable way.

The Estimation of Exergy Efficiency and Exergy Losses in Air Conditioning Systems of Operating Cleanrooms by a Grassmann Diagram

An important place in the up-to-date technologies related to energy transformation is occupied by the processes and equipment for which the objective value of energy perfection can be defined only on the basis of the thermodynamic analysis. The simplest method of thermodynamic analysis is the energy method based on the law of energy conservation. It provides the possibility to estimate the absolute and relative energy losses and to reveal equipment and processes with the highest losses.

Analysis of Exergy Efficiency and Ways of Energy Saving in Air Conditioning System for a Cleanroom

In modern technologies, which are related to energy transformation, namely in air conditioning systems, important places are occupied by equipment and processes, the objective estimation of value of its energy perfection can be defined only on the basis of analysis of its exergy efficiency. So, reducing the cost of energy consumed by air conditioning systems preconditions the need for its optimization, which can be fully achieved by virtue of exergy analysis that takes into account not only the quantity but also the quality of energy spent.