algebra of algorithms

Algebras of algorithms for modeling the distribution of resources in IT projects

The distribution of resources is an important scientific and practical task, as it concerns all areas of human activity, the field of information technologies is no exception. A study was conducted, which showed that today there are many approaches to solving the given problem, each of which is characterized by certain features. Known methods of resource allocation are analyzed, their classification is given and it is shown that they are mainly defined as linear programming problems, resource allocation matrices or are implemented on the basis of empirical knowledge.

Information Technologies for Popularization Increase of Commercial Internet Resources

The study showed that at the present stage of development of information technology, portable devices account for more than half of all Internet traffic, and its consideration is mandatory in the process of promoting commercial Internet resources. Given that the authors have analyzed the main approaches to promotion in the article and showed that an important aspect of promotion is to support Mobile First technology.