alloyed steel

Experimental determination of critical strain energy density of ductile materials

The method of experimental determination of strain energy density of plastic materials is developed. The technique for complete true stress-strain curves plotting is formulated. The standard hydraulic testing machine is equipped with specially designed experimental setup for Bridgman specimens testing at strain controlled tension loading with digital camera and light source for using digital image correlation method – a non-contact technique for strain and displacement measurement.

Modification of surfaces of special alloys by nitrogen for power engineering

The use of nitrogen as an alloying element presents a great interest for the improvement of properties of alloyed steels and special alloys. Superficial layers were formed by ionic implantation and by melting the surface by nitrogen plasma. After this kind of treatment, there form a continuous defect-free layers with a good adhesion to the surface. Surface treatment of steels and vanadium alloys increases their corrosion resistance and microhardness of surface layers.