angular velocity

Regularities of the traffic lane change by the driver when interacting with car-obstacle

The paper presents the results of experimental studies of drivers` behavior when interacting with obstacles caused by parked vehicles. Today, parking cars on two-lane streets is a significant problem for drivers while driving as it creates obstacles. Drivers need to spot a parked car in time and perform a lane change maneuver. It affects the trajectories of vehicles and the functional state of the driver. The driver needs a certain amount of time to maneuver, which consists of the reaction time, the decision to change the lane, and the execution of the action.

Investigation of the interrelationship between changes and redistribution of angular momentum of the Earth, the Antarctic tectonic plate, the atmosphere, and the ocean.

Purpose. The purpose of this work is elaboration of the results of long-term GNSS-observations at permanent stations located on the Antarctic tectonic plate; the determination of the change in its rotational parameters and angular momentum, the calculation of the angular momentum of the Earth, the oceanic and atmospheric masses, and the establishment of the interrelationship between these parameters. Methods.