anomalies of conductivity

Regional anomalies of high conductivity of Australian continent and epicentres of earthquakes

Axial parts of anomalies of conductivity and epicenters of earthquakes of the Australian continent are analyzed. An author draws conclusion about quality connection between the epicenters of earthquakes and regional anomalies of conductivity.

Tectonic earthquakes of region of Donbass conductivity anomaly their possible connections

Possible nature of anomalous conductivity of DDD and Donbass is considered. The detailed description of materials concerning the earthquakes of Novodar and Roven is represented. The author makes an assumption that presence of graphite skins and formation of fractured porous massifs in rocks can be one of the possible trigger mechanisms.

Krivorozhsky earthquake of January 14, 2011

Geology-geophysical conditions of Kryvyy Rig earthquakes region are considered in limited by co-ordinates φ=47,45÷48,60 N and λ=32,5÷34,150 E area. Detailed description of materials of earthquake of the 14th of January 2011 is given. Author does supposition that presence there of graphite skins and formation of fractured-porous arrays in rocky breeds can be one of possible trigger mechanisms for local earthquakes.