Three-input integral model of the recovery problem of antenna signals with interference

The problem of increasing the resolution power of an antenna through input signal recovery using the computer implementation of a mathematical model in the form of the system of three Fredholm integral equations of the first kind is examined. To solve the system of linear integral equations, regularizating algorithms and corresponding softwares based on generalized Tikhonov and Lavrentiev methods with determination of a regularization parameter by means of the model experiments technique have been developed.

Methods of Increase Noise Immunity Telecommunication Systems of Data Transmission Mains on of the Powerline

Considered the influence of industrial noise on symmetric lines PowerLine at their use to create multichannel systems. Proposed compensation method to reduce the impact of industrial noise on such systems.
For today actively developing telecommunication system, which used PowerLine as a medium of data transfer - boundless information environment, what is used in every home.
The main problem in creating specific telecommunication systems is a significant level of external noise that takes from the environment and affect the PowerLine, which in fact is the antenna system.