anti-inflammatory activity

Synthesis of New 3-Morpholyl-Substituted 4-Aryl-2-Arylimino-2,3-Dihydrothiazole Derivatives and Their Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Activity

New 4-aryl-3-(morpholin-4-yl)-2-arylimino-2,3-dihydrothiazole derivatives 1.1-1.16 were obtained using the Hantzsch reaction by condensation of N-(morpholin-4-yl)-N'-arylthioureas with the corresponding α bromoacetophenones in alcohols. Synthesized hydrobromides 1.1-1.8 were formed as crystalline precipitates during the boiling of the reaction mixture. Bases 1.9-1.16 were obtained by neutralizing the corresponding hydrobromides with NH4OH solution.