асоціативне правило

The analysis of apriori algorithm for structured and unstructured data

Apriori algorithm is analyzed as a search method of associative rules in structured and unstructured data in terms of the number of discovered rules, performance and requirements for computing resources. Unstructured data are closely related to the term ’Big Data’. One of the main tasks of data engineering is the detection of unstructured information processing means. There has been developed a software system to perform computational experiments that processes data using Apriori algorithm, which subject area is trade. Such system can be a prototype for real recommendation system.

Models and methods for building web recommendation systems

Modern Word Wide Web contains a large number of Web sites and pages in each Web site. Web recommendation system (recommendation system for web pages) are typically implemented on web servers and use the data obtained from the collection viewed web templates (implicit data) or user registration data (explicit data). In article considering methods and algorithms of web recommendation system based on the technology of data mining (web mining).