The influence of the principles of civil process on the legal regulation of electronic document flow

Abstract. The article examines the influence of the principles of civil procedure on the legal regulation of electronic document flow based on a comprehensive systematic analysis of the current Ukrainian legislation and normative acts of the European Union. The object of the study is the legal relationship regarding the electronic document flow that arises between the court and other participants in the process, which are related to the implementation of the system of principles of civil justice.

Application of the “smart power” by the soviet authorities in strengthening public cooperation between the Ukrainian SSR and the French Republic

In the article, the preparation and conduction of the Ukrainian exhibition by the Soviet leaders at the Marseille Fair is researched. The management experience in achieving objectives by the Ukrainian Soviet authorities is studied. Specific proposals on the effectiveness of public cooperation between Ukraine and the French Republic are given.

Influence of digitalization on the public policy forming in Ukraine

Problem setting. The COVID-19 pandemic, global quarantine, quarantine restrictions created the conditions for society to react quickly. Digital technologies are now being used more intensively, and the public administration sector is no exception. At the same time, the country's development requires systematic strategic and tactical decisions that will accelerate the introduction of modern digital technologies in all spheres of Ukrainian society, also forming and implementation of public policy at various levels of government.

System of checks and balances as an attribute of democracy: political analysis (Review Article)

The article deals with the features of the system of checks and balances as one of the indicators of democratic development. Taking into account the peculiarities of modern political transformations in the world, the new approaches to the understanding of the system of checks and balances in the political sense are emphasized. Basing on the analysis of the political practice of democratic states, the key features of the system of checks and balances are identified and it is proved that this institution is multidimensional.