automated electronic tachymeter

Investigation of refraction field over water surfaces

Aim. To investigate the possibilities of applying non-simultaneous reciprocal trigonometrical levelling over water surfaces while partially taking into account vertical refraction. Methodology. Experimental investigations of vertical refraction over water surfaces during day time on a plain and hilly terrains in summer. Non-simultaneous reciprocal observations were made over different water surfaces with the use of an automated electronic tachymeter.

Investigation of the accuracy of trigonometric leveling methods for the transmission of heights through water surfaces

Aims. The investigations of the transmission of elevations over water surfaces remain topical, so the first aim is to develop the technique of increasing the accuracy of the trigonometric instead of geometrical one. The second aim is to investigate the methods of trigonometric which can be used for the transmission of elevations over water surfaces with the use of modern devices. Methodology. Simultaneous and non-simultaneous reciprocal observations over different water surfaces have been carried out.