Preparation of Briquettes on the Basis of Sub-Standard Coal of Kazakhstan Fields

A technology of briquetting of sub-standard coal of Kazakhstan fields to obtain high-quality briquetting fuel has been developed. A modifying additive in the form of oil residues has been selected, that make it possible to obtain a binder composition for brown coal briquetting. The material for the preparation of coal briquettes is coal fines from dry, poorly sintered coals, which cannot be used for direct combustion in the furnace. The optimal parameters for obtaining high-quality fuel briquettes have been determined.

Chemical Composition and Hydraulic Properties of Incinerated Wastepaper Sludge

The hydraulic properties of ash from incinerated wastepaper sludge were investigated. It is shown that the phase composition of wastepaper sludge after heat treatment is similar to the classical fired carbonate-clay mixes. The necessity of using the combination of retarding admixtures with different action mechanism is shown. The strength in the initial hardening period is ensured by the formation of AFm-phases and ettringite, and subsequently by increasing the role of CSH.