Stabilization of Polymers from the Influence of Biological Media. Kinetic Method of Biocide Efficiency Estimation

In this paper the contributors show the value of application of kinetic methods for the estimation of biocide activity. The authors have developed methods of quantitative estimation of biocide efficiency independent of its solubility in water. It is found that inhibited kinetics of microscopic fungal growth on nutriments with biocides is described by a logistic equation. They suggest parameters for the characterization of biocide efficiency.

Classification of Biodamages, Evaluation and Protection Methods

The paper is including information about classification and diagnostics of biodamages, raw materials, materials and products, biostability of materials evaluation methods and methods for material protection against biodamaging. The contributors are discussing the problems of biocides classification, application of antimicrobial materials, requirements to biocides and evaluation methods for antimicrobial properties of biocides