biogas production

A coupled compressible two-phase flow with the biological dynamics modeling the anaerobic biodegradation process of waste in a landfill

In this article, we present and study a new coupled model combining the biological and the mechanical aspects describing respectively the process of the biogas production and the compressible two-phase leachate-biogas flow during the anaerobic biodegradation of organic matters in a landfill, which is considered a reactive porous medium.  The model obtained is governed by a reaction-diffusion system for the bacterial activity coupled with a compressible two-phase flow system of a non-homogeneous porous medium.  We carry out the analysis and the numerical approximation of the model within a v


The studies were conducted in batch mode in thirteen repetitions at humidity of 78, 80, 82 and 84%. The coefficient of variation of methane production varied from 14.84% to 35.17% in a mesophilic mode and from 14.4% to 78.21% in a thermophilic mode, which means high instability of the process. The moisture content had a much greater effect on the stability of the process in thermophilic conditions than in mesophilic ones.