Development of budgeting mechanism of banks’ financial activities in the conditions of international economic relations

The article examines the budgeting mechanism of banks’ financial activities in the context of international economic relations. The essence of financial planning of banking activity, as well as its role in the bank management system, is substantiated. The method of bank budgeting was considered. Recommendations for the implementation of modern automated information and analytical budgeting systems in the bank, used in foreign practice, are proposed.

Improving the methods of budget funds management in decentralization conditions

Problem setting. The process of decentralization, which was initiated in order to strengthen the material and financial basis of local self-government, requires the latest approaches to its implementation, given the complexity of the process, the large number of issues of the functioning of the territorial communities, which it covers and the ambiguity of the consequences it leads to.

Changes in the tax legal regime of entrepreneurs and self-employed persons in connection with the COVID-19 distribution

The article deals with the current problems, development and public relations in the field of taxation of Ukraine in connection with the spread of COVID-19. The research input focuses on the analysis of the main problems of the current tax system in Ukraine. The issues of particular changes in the tax legal regime of Ukraine, which are related to the implementation of the fiscal (fiscal) and monetary (monetary) policies in the context of quarantine measures, are investigated.

Budgeting in the management of enterprise capital investment actvity

In a highly competitive market enterprises, to increase production and sales, have to invest heavily in the development of stock capital. They make major construction, reconstruction, modernization, purchase and create their own noncurrent assets and other tangible and intangible fixed assets. Such activity of the company is referred to as the activity of capital investment. Its effective operation requires system management on the principles of autonomy and commercialization.