calibration method

Improvement of digital thermometric units for solar collector investigations

The analysis of requirements for metrological parameters of digital temperature meters and temperature difference meters for solar collectors’ investigations been done in the article. Under the regulations requirements a minimum temperature drop not exceed 1,5 K, and for the maximum relative error of temperature measurement not more ±2% it provide the absolute error of temperature drop measurement near ±0,030 K, and their measurement unit list significant digit 0,01 K.

Analytic solution for the problem of in-situ calibrating magnetometric 3D-probes based on non-orthogonally placed hall devices.

This work presents a method of in-situ calibrating 3D magnetic sensors based on Hall devices that have linear field characteristics and are non-orthogonal, with known position of each Hall device in relation to the 3D sensor’s substrate. Formulas for calculation of Hall devices linear coefficients are obtained. The method’s efficiency is proved experimentally.