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Peculiarities of Involvement of Social Networks in the Activities of State Authorities (On the Case of U.S.A. and Ukraine) [Research Article]

It has been analyzed the use of social networks by public authorities in the US and Ukraine in their practical activity and compared the presence of governmental structures of the US and Ukraine on social networks and the number of their followers. It is alleged that social networks have become an innovative digital policy tool and have changed the perception of political processes.

Twitter-diplomacy: Ukrainian context (Research Article)

In the article the involvement of Ukrainian politicians and diplomats to Twitter social network and it is compared the advantages and disadvantages of using this social network within the framework of their professional activity is analyzed.  As the usage of social networks in electronic diplomacy in Ukraine is being developed, it is asserted the nessesity of complex investigation of foreign experience which can be useful for Ukrainian diplomats and will help them to use Twitter successfully, as a tool for diplomatic activity.