complex security system

On the Problem of Complex Security System Management of Cyber-physical Systems

Models of information security (IS) management of cyber-physical systems (CPS) were analyzed according to ISO/IEC TR 13335 and ISO/IEC 27001, which are the basis for developing a management methodology of a complex security system (CSS) within the management model “plan – do – check – act”. The CSS management structure of CPS was proposed at the level of an information life cycle and the multilevel model “cyberspace – communication environment – physical space” based on the conception “object – threat – protection”, which extends an application of the IS management system.

Security of Cyber-Physical Systems from Concept to Complex Information Security System

A conception of multilevel complex security system (CSS) of cyber-physical systems (CPS) was developed; dimensional model of information-technology state (ITS) was proposed; informational model of CSS cyber-physical system “iPhone – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – sensors” was created; software of symmetric block data encryption of “Kalyna” algorithm was realized.