computational linguistics

Design of the system of automated generation of poetry works

 Features of designing a system of automated generation of poetic works, which opens up new opportunities for artistic speech and show business, especially the preparation of poems and songs have been considered. Quite often lyrics without special content become successful due to the lack of complex plots, as well as due to the unobtrusiveness and ease of perception by listeners. Well-known literature sources and available software products that can generate poetic works by combining different methods and algorithms are analyzed.

Statistical distribution and fluctuations of sentence lengths in Ukrainian, Russian and English corpor

We have studied statistical distributions of the frequency of sentences over their length for Ukrainian, Russian and English corpora and found the average sentence lengths in terms of linguistic signs, letters and words. It has been shown that the tails of the statistical distributions are satisfactorily described by the exponential function or the related ones, which is consistent with random nature of the sentence length.