convolutional neural network

Identification of Birds' Voices Using Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Stft and Mel Spectrogram

Threats to the climate and global changes in ecological processes remain an urgent problem throughout the world. Therefore, it is important to constantly monitor these changes, in particular, using non-standard approaches. This task can be implemented on the basis of research on bird migration information. One of the effective methods of studying bird migration is the auditory method, which needs improvement.


The article is devoted to the problem of automatic image quality assessment by a convolutional neural network when using the common TID2013 image database for training the neural network. The TID2013 database was chosen for the reason that it contains 25 base real-world images, which were distorted from these images using 24 different distortion methods and with 5 distortion levels, creating a sufficiently large database of 3000 images for training the neural network. For each image, an average expert assessment of its quality is given.

Intelligent system for user groups socialization with similar interests

The article develops a general architectural system of socialization of groups of users with similar interests and functional requirements for it. To process a large part of the information, the system is implemented using the methods of fuzzy text information search and machine learning. thus, N-gram, selection expansion and structured Noisy Channel models are applied. A feature of the implementation is the processing of the text, the analysis of words in the text and the formation of evaluations.

Information Support for Personalities Socialization Processes Based on Common Interests

The main objective of this article is to create an information system project for socialization by personal interests on the basis of SEO-technologies and methods of machine learning. The main purpose of this information system is to identify the user within the system using neural networks and to select similar users by analysing the user's current information. An information system was created that, through Identity and JWT tokens, provides optimized and secure authorization, logging, and support functions for the current system user session.

Methods for real-time object searching and recognizing in video images on ios mobile platform

The features of the most common methods and systems for searching and recognizing objects in video are explored. The research shows the feasibility of building search and recognition tools for the iOS platform in real time. The method of functional adaptation of the algorithm of search and recognition of objects to features of video is offered, which consists in processing of video image by smoothing and minimization filters, which reduces the time of search and recognition of objects. The block diagram and algorithm of system functioning were designed.


Mo­dern da­ta­ba­ses of bi­ome­di­cal ima­ges ha­ve be­en in­ves­ti­ga­ted. Bi­ome­di­cal ima­ging has be­en shown to be ex­pen­si­ve and ti­me con­su­ming. A da­ta­ba­se of ima­ges of pre­can­ce­ro­us and can­ce­ro­us bre­asts "BPCI2100" was de­ve­lo­ped. The da­ta­ba­se con­sists of 2,100 ima­ge fi­les and a MySQL da­ta­ba­se of me­di­cal re­se­arch in­for­ma­ti­on (pa­ti­ent in­for­ma­ti­on and ima­ge fe­atu­res). Ge­ne­ra­ti­ve ad­ver­sa­ri­al net­works (GAN) ha­ve be­en fo­und to be an ef­fec­ti­ve me­ans of ima­ge ge­ne­ra­ti­on.

Method of image symbol recognition on the basis of convolutional neural network

In this article, a system of handwritten or printed text recognition in the image has been developed. Empirical methods of image processing and statistical models of machine learning and simulation are being developed in two directions: the detection of text on the image and the recognition of the text. Thus, in this paper, algorithmic software tools that combine these two areas in the software created for the operating systemiOS 11.0 or later for devices of the company Apple – iPhone, iPad that support this operating system are developed.