corrosion prevention

Corrosion protection of oil production and refinery equipment

The review of methods of industrial equipment corrosion prevention is presented. Application of technological means using chemical reagents and surface-active substances is considered, namely dehydration and desalting of hydrocarbon products of deposits by surface-active substances – so called demulsifiers. Corrosion inhibitors and neutralizing agents for protection of condensation-refrigeration equipment and overheads of atmospheric columns are examined. The amount of reagents to be used and the process conditions were determined.

Investigation of Reagents with Different Chemical Compositions for Protection of Oil Primary Refining Equipment

The article deals with the investigation results of nitrogen-containing compounds solubility in non-polar and polar solvents, as well as low-temperature properties of formed solutions and their anticorrosive properties as corrosion inhibitors in the hydrocarbon-water two-phase system.