crime prevention

Criminal law approaches to the analysis of crime prevention programs in the USA

It was emphasized that in Ukraine, representatives of all types of law enforcement activities develop certain methods and measures to combat crime at the level of their own competence. Of course, there are national and regional programs, but specific bodies and their divisions have considerable freedom of action regarding the direction of professional implementation.

Features of crime prevention programs in the USA

It was found out that today in all developed countries of the world, in particular in the USA, large-scale work on preventive activities is carried out at the state level. The authorized bodies develop perspective programs and create specialized units that implement these projects in practice. World practice on crime prevention is implemented through practical application after being established in the relevant regulatory and legal acts.


In the article, based on a systematic approach, a scientific and methodological analysis of the
definition of the mechanism of combating crime as a multilevel hierarchical system is made. It is noted
that each level of construction is determined by its own set of elements, which can be traced by
considering the counteraction of crime in those aspects, which reflect the side social processes and
corresponding forms of criminological influence with their characteristic mods (methods, means,

Мalicious disobedience as basis of use of force to convicts: individual and viticomological revention

The article defines the essence of malicious disobedience of prisoners sentenced todeprivation of liberty in the context of the grounds for applying physical force, special means5and weapons to them, as well as scientifically based measures aimed at improving the legalmechanism on these issues at the individual crime prevention level

Interaction of administrative offenses prevention in ownership

The article investigates the interaction of subjects of prevention of administrative violations in the sphere of property. The interaction between subjects of prevention of administrative violations was carried out. The conditions and the order of interaction of public authorities of different territorial level are considered.