critical thinking

Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of Isaiah Berlin's Article "The Purpose of Philosophy"

The foreword focuses on the life of Isaiah Berlin, his interests, as well as the article “The Purpose of Philosophy”, which is translated into Ukrainian for the first time. Isaiah Berlin's metaphilosophical reflections on philosophy are important for understanding what is the place of philosophy in the system of sciences, what tasks philosophy can solve. This article also explains the value of philosophy for society and man.

Factors and Tendencies of Strenghthening the Post-Truth Manifestions in Contemporary Political Practice. (Research Article)

The author analyses factors and tendencies that determine and testify the post-truth manifestations in the contemporary political process, and emphasizes that there were only some manifestations of post-truth in politics in the past. The main subjects of the spread of post-truth, as well as the problems caused by this phenomenon, have been identified. There are factors of strengthening the post-truth at the present stage: social and technological, political, economic and scientific.

The Role of Education in Overcoming the Negative Information Impacts Under the Post-True Era (Review Article)

The peculiarities of the post-truth interpretation, its key political manifestations and its impact on modern global society have been analyzed. It is asserted about the importance of education in combating the negative effects of post-truth political practice.

Survey of international conference “Philosophical insights. Inspirations from Lviv-Warsaw school” (Lviv, 29-30 June 2019)

In this survey the particularities of the first international conference “Philosophical Insights. Inspirations from Lviv-Warsaw School” organized by Lviv Philosophical Society named after Kasimir Twardowski are described and discussed. This event was not only pure scientific conference, but also some perspectives of Society’s activity in the scientific, educational and translation spheres were discussed by the members of Society.