Selection of optimal path finding algorithm for data transmition in distributed systems

Considered typical structure of the multilevel distributed system, the data transmission problems are analyzed and the graphs can be used for their solution. The criteria for choosing the optimal path search algorithm are chosen. Based on the proposed criteria, the Bellman-Ford algorithm is chosen to find the optimal path in the graph. Used principles of Dirty Flag, CSR (Compressed Sparse Row) and defined time-memory relationship parameters to increase the speed of the algorithm.

Csr as an element of based-value marketing. Implementation of corporate social responsibility by the danone group in Poland

The system changes, including in Poland, have forced a change in approach to the market. Implementation of the marketing concept without providing real value for the customer, taking into account other interest groups or using traditional media is becoming – at least for certain groups of consumers – obsolete.

Cooperation of commercial chains with suppliers in the context of csr concept

The relationships between commercial chains and producers and suppliers, as well as CSR initiatives that make the tools strengthening these relationships are the object of authors' interest in this paper. Transformations that have taken place in trade for the last 20 years in Poland and for the last 40 years in Europe let us state that it is the sector that at present is characterised by asymmetry of the power of relationships in the channel of distribution.

Implementation of marketing concepts into supply chain management

The integration of strategic marketing approaches, particularly, in the sales unit of the supply chain, into other functional areas such as logistics and financе, in order to minimize target conflicts and achieve competitive advantages is substantiated in the article. The use of marketing – logistics approach to supply chain management is actualized. A critical review of modern marketing concepts is presented.