Decision Support System

Use of ontological networks in decision support systems under ambiguity

The increasing amount of information that needs to be taken into account in decision making determines the relevance of building intelligent decision support systems. The prerequisite for making the right decision is to build a correct conceptual model of the problem situation, which takes into account all the factors relevant to this situation. The conceptualization of the problem situation is presented by the ontology of that situation. When forming the ontology of a situation, it is advisable to use knowledge from existing ontologies.

Using model-oriented decision-making support system for the improvement of safe operation of a ship electric power installation

A model-based decision support system is proposed to increase the reliability of the ship electric power installation. This system consists of a simulation unit and an evaluation unit for modeling results using a fuzzy inference system. The developed system can be implemented as a part of control systems, either on the basis of programmable logic controllers, or on the basis of a separate programmable logic controller. The criteria used to evaluate the results of modeling and possible consequences are considered.

Decision Support System for Financial Markets’ Investment Risks Analysis

The article describes the features of the VaR methodology for assessing investment risks in the financial markets of securities. Developed decision support information system allows to calculate expected and unexpected losses on selected stocks and investment portfolio as a whole, as well as to determine the probability of risk’s occurrence and the required amount of reserve capital.

The data warehouse construction for decision support system for designing distributed energy systems

This paper discusses the problems that arise when working with disparate data sources using database. The model of data warehouse is presented as way of integrating and processing data from disparate sources while creating a decision support system for the design of distributed energy systems.

Aspects manifestation of uncertainty in the process of developing decision support systems

This article describes the classification and approaches to the construction of DSS that take into account various aspects of the uncertainty of the development of DSS. Features of the classification were proposed and described. Generalized classification of DSS was improved. The analysis of the types of architecture, architecture reviewed information resource decision support systems, based on the principles of building a data warehouse.

Застосування об’єктно-орієнтованого підходу до побудови моделі СППР

This article describes an object-oriented approach of DSS modeling. Three-level architecture is suggested and it describes a conceptual model of DSS. The analysis of possible reusable components for various types of structures is analyzed. We describe the principles of building a custom DSS use of multiple components.

Ontology data cleansing

This article describes the steps to clear data in the DSS. The ontology concepts of clear data were proposed and described. The analysis of methods and data cleansing technology were carried out at every stage of the process, taking into account its features. Built The ontology of data cleaning techniques for methodological systematization of functional elements in the implementation model of DSS was built.

Estimation of methods efficiency of sequence processing determination of electronic documents in internet

The article describes the approach to defining the importance of incoming documents and the technique of evaluating the effectiveness of application of parametric processing of electronic documents with the Internet. The assessment of the effectiveness of methods for priority processing of incoming documents in accordance with their importance