Імітаційне моделювання сейсмоселектора

Розглянуто принцип роботи і блок-схему селектора сейсмічних подій для авто- матичних пристроїв сейсмологічних станцій. Обґрунтовано вибір середовища для моделювання. Наведені результати імітаційного візуального моделювання.

The article deals with the work principles and the block scheme of the seismic actions selector for automated devices of seismological stations. The sphere modeling selection has been substantiated. The results of visual imitation modeling has been presented.

A model for the selection of security system alarms

It was found that search engines provide a wide selection of detectors with technical characteristics. A significant range of characteristics ensures the use of detectors for solving problems in security systems. A search and sorting mode for security system alarms has been developed. It is based on the necessary and sufficient characteristics of detectors, which ensure their selection depending on the tasks set for security systems. Criteria for their selection are formed on the basis of user requirements and technical characteristics of detectors.

Selection of methods for Searching Some or Similar Images

The article describes the research of image analysis methods. The methods of indexing images for the search of duplicate images, as well as methods for finding similar images based on the definition of key points are described. The prototype of the system was created, and testing of the described methods was carried out. The result of the analysis became the basis for the information system project of reverse search of similar or identical images.