diffusion coefficient

Computational Molecular Docking, Voltammetric and Spectroscopic DNA Interaction Studies of 9N-(Ferrocenylmethyl)adenine

The binding free energy of 9N-(ferrocenylmethyl)adenine (FMA) with double-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) was measured in solution using cyclic voltammetry and electronic spectroscopy (UV-Vis) techniques under similar conditions. The obtained results were confirmed by computational molecular docking. The docking studies yield good approximation with experimental data and showed that the ligand FMA is placed in the minor groove of DNA.

Influence of Filling on Water Uptake of Films Based on Water-Borne Coating Materials

The effect of filling on water uptake has been studied for coatings based on aqueous dispersion Acronal-290D and pigment part consisting of titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate. It was found that an increase in the pigment volume concentration is accompanied by an increase in the rate of water absorption, but the maximum value of water uptake is characterized by a minimum near the critical pigment volume concentration.

Kinetics of biologically active compound extraction from hops strobiles extraction cake

Kinetics of flavonoids extraction from hops strobiles extraction cake is investigated, total value of mass-transfer resistance is determinate, taking into consideration anatomic features of plant raw material, especially cellular and intercellular environment existence. Validity of proposed mathematical tools technique for evaluation of main kinetic constant of process is confirmed. Obtained result can be applied for equipment calculation in the design of process flow charts of cellular structure solid bodies.

Regularities of organic solvents diffusion into fluoropolymer structure

Diffusion coefficients of organic solvents into tetrafluoroethylene-propylene copolymer structure may be generalized by multiparameter equations. Molar volume and cohesion energy of penetrating liquids are suggested to be determining their values and retarding the process.