distance measure

Multi-criteria decision making based on novel distance measure in intuitionistic fuzzy environment

In comparison to fuzzy sets, intuitionistic fuzzy sets are much more efficient at representing and processing uncertainty.  Distance measures quantify how much the information conveyed by intuitionistic fuzzy sets differs from one another.  Researchers have suggested many distance measures to assess the difference between intuitionistic fuzzy sets, but several of them produce contradictory results in practice and violate the fundamental axioms of distance measure.

PSOBER: PSO based entity resolution

Entity Resolution  is the task of mapping the records within a database to their corresponding entities.  The entity resolution problem presents a lot of challenges because of the absence of complete information in records, variant distribution of records for different entities and sometimes overlaps between records of different entities.  In this paper, we have proposed an unsupervised method to solve this problem.  The previously mentioned problem is set as a partitioning problem.  Thereafter, an optimization algorithm-based technique is proposed to solve the entity resolution problem.  T