double stratification

MHD flow of hybrid nanofluid past a stretching sheet: double stratification and multiple slips effects

Studies of hybrid nanofluids flowing over various physical geometries and conditions are popular among researchers to understand the behavior of these fluids.  Thenceforth, the numerical solutions for hybrid Ag-CuO/H$_2$O nanofluid flow over a stretching sheet with suction, magnetic field, double stratification, and multiple slips effects are analyzed in the present study.  Governing equations and boundary conditions are introduced to describe the flow problem.  Then, similarity variables are applied to transform the equations into non-linear ordinary differential equat

Effect of suction on the MHD flow in a doubly-stratified micropolar fluid over a shrinking sheet

This paper investigates the influence of suction on the flow, heat and mass transfer characteristics over a permeable shrinking sheet immersed in a doubly stratified micropolar fluid.  The model which consists of partial differential equations is converted into a set of nonlinear equations using similarity transformations and then solved using the bvp4c solver.  Numerical results obtained are presented graphically for the distributions of velocity, angular velocity, temperature and concentration profiles within the boundary layer for various values of the magnetic parameter and wall mass su