екологічні ризики

Ways to Minimize Environmental Hazards From Pollution of the Environment in the Zone of Influence of the Hrybovychi Landfill

The article analyzes the environmental risks of existing landfills in Ukraine (on the example of Hrybovytske landfill). The possible treatment technologies of the accumulated infiltrates were analysed and the successful application of infiltrates biological treatment technology in aerobic lagoons was confirmed.

Determination of environmental risks in the operation of the rock dump and substantiation of directions for overcoming them (methodological aspect)

Risks that arise when creating a waste dump, its demolition or conversion are determined on the basis of the analysis of the ecological situation in the zone of the “waste dump – environment” system`s influence. Research into this problem and the authors` personal works enabled them to identify  the ways to overcome the negative impact of these processes on the environment implementing  eco-friendly technologies in the region