electromagnetic pulse

Technological forecast of bearing capacity and properties of contact connection of bimetallic hollow spheres under electromagnetic pulses action

The initial boundary-value problem of thermomechanics for a hollow bimetallic sphere under the action of a non-stationary electromagnetic field is formulated.

Mathematical modeling in thermomechanics of electroconductive bodies under the action of the pulsed electromagnetic fields with modulation of amplitude

A mathematical model of description and a method for determining the thermostressed state of non-ferromagnetic electroconductive bodies under the influence of external unsteady electromagnetic fields of pulsed type are proposed.  Such fields have the character of a regime with amplitude modulation under the action of pulse modulated signal and are widely used in technologies of magnetic pulsed processing electroconductive materials.  This model is the development of well-known models for quasi-steady and pulsed electromagnetic fields.  As an example, the results of investigation of the ther

Investigation of properties of contact connector of bimetallic hollow cylinder under the influence of electromagnetic pulse

A plane axisymmetric dynamic problem of thermomechanics for a hollow bimetallic cylinder under a uniform non-stationary electromagnetic action is formulated. The numerical analysis of the solution of this problem for a hollow bimetallic cylinder exposed to the influence of electromagnetic pulse is carried out. The graphs of changes in the time of ponderomotive force, temperature, components of the tensor of dynamic stresses and intensity of stresses in the compound layers of a cylinder made of stainless steel and copper are presented.

Thermostressed condition and load-carrying capacity of non-ferromagnetic conductive plates under the action of electromagnetic pulses

The paper describes a mathematical model of elastic deformation of non-ferromagnetic conductive bodies under the action of pulsed electromagnetic fields (EMF), which takes into account the adiabatic character of processes of heating and deformation of conductive bodies by pulsed electromagnetic fields. Within this model, the dynamic problem of thermo-mechanics has been formulated for a non-ferromagnetic conductive planar layer under the action of pulsed electromagnetic fields.