energy efficiency of daylighting

Energy Efficiency of Modernization of Translucent Building Envelope Structures

The article focuses on determining the energy efficiency of the translucent structures of building envelope (TSBE) use with different lighting and thermal parameters. The expediency of replacing TSBE with more modern ones with higher thermal resistance and lower solar radiations relative penetration coefficient (SRRPC) is considered.

Conditions for Ensuring Energy-Saving Use of Translucent Structures of Exterior Wall Envelope

The article focuses on determining the translucent structures of exterior wall envelope (TSEWE) properties influence on the total energy balance of the room. The dependence of the energy consumption for artificial lighting on the daylight factor, coefficient of relative penetration of solar radiation (CRPSR) and TSEWE area is determined for Ternopil city. The relationship between the electricity expenses for heating and cooling the room by channel air conditioners on the size and properties of TSEWE is established.