Some Existential Reflections on Self-Determination in the Conditions of the War. (Review Article)

         Although any war is a "continuation of politics by other means" (Karl von Clausewitz), the article examines the ongoing russian-Ukrainian war from the point of view of existentialist philosophy as a philosophy of human crises. The Russian-Ukrainian war actualizes the forgotten existentialist ideas of choice, situation, freedom, duty, responsibility in the context of individual and collective self-determination.

Canonical law in the constitutional field: problems and searches for symphony

The article examines canon law in the constitutional field, because the philosophical
world is very rich in creativity as a movement towards transcendental, extra-ordinary
existence. This creativity in terrestrial conditions is emasculated, stifled by society, the Church
and the state on the basis of the coexistence of people with natural laws, synergistic, nonlinear
social processes. These three institutions, which are governed by natural and supernatural
laws, carry out culturological activities. In particular, they form their legal field, influence the

Existence legal aid as a philosophical-legal phenomenon

The article analyzes the concept of “legal assistance”, discussed the philosophical and legal foundation of its existence, the basis of which laid the claim that a person who adheres to the norms of morality in daily life, according to adhere to and the requirements of the law, because it is based on universal values, developed by throughout the existence of human norms, which are the first regulators of social life.

Formation of personality: correlation “social and individual”

The article deals with theoretical analysis of the concept of “identity” is determined by the nature of this concept in terms of different philosophical schools. Outlined the evolution of historical and philosophical vision so important for the national intellectual traditions focus of world philosophy. A deconstructive approach to philosophical treatises dedicated to analyzing the phenomenon of personality, characterized by dichotomy “social-individual.” The ways and directions harmonious combination of social and individual for self-identity.