Assessment of Ferroresonance Processes in Schemes of 6-35 kV Electrical Grids on the Basis of Reliability Analysis

The object of research is the choice of the optimal technical solution to prevent the development or the long existence of ferroresonance processes in electrical distribution grids of 6-35 kV, which are operated in isolated neutral mode. A lot of factors such as the grounding mode of a grid neutral, its capacitive current of a short circuit to the ground, the type and number of voltage transformers (VT) etc. influence on the probability of occurrence and duration of ferroresonance processes.

Investigation of ferroresonance in electrical networks at open-phase operating conditions

This paper presents the analysis and simulation of occurrence and development of ferro­resonance in real electrical networks. The necessary and sufficient conditions for ferroresonance occurrence have been examined. It has been shown that in electrical networks this phenomenon is non-linear, so some special methods should be applied. A computer simulation has been performed to calculate the ferroresonance mode.