financial analysis

Financial analysis of the banking sector in Poland

In the market economy, banks act as financial intermediary. On one hand, they want to
make profit, but on the other hand they are called public-trust institutions. Since profit
maximization is not possible without taking risks, that is why risk taking must be controlled.
The activity of banks is therefore supervised by the Commission for Financial Supervision, the
National Polish Bank or Bank Guarantee Fund. Other participants in the economic process
must also have a clear picture of their financial position and management results. In the

Peculiarities of auditor’s evaluation in the process of diagnosis enterprise’s financial condition

It was established that none of the recent studies or publications does not raise the question
of recognition of audit element integrated assessment of the financial condition of the company and
as a debating something that is worth discussing in local reputable scientific circles. The concept of
audit of the financial situation of the company in the current economic conditions is concretized.
The role and importance of modern auditing for a full and accurate assessment of the financial