Fog Computing

An Alternative to Vending Machines

In this review article for a smart vending refrigerator, the contours of the future device are thought out and outlined and all its advantages are described. This device will be controlled using Computer Vision and some other features. The main control unit will be Raspberry PI, since it is the best for this device. Also, a web application was developed in which the user registers, and the applica- tion itself transmits the user's information through an API that will be developed to communicate with the web server, and the web server will store this information.

Stages of the modern it services development and energy effectiveness of network technologies

The article reviews the architectural transformation of modern networks and their (mobile) services and applications. Periods of network services, Internet and cloud computing are posted. We describe the requirements for telecommunication networks in each of the individual stages of development and performance criteria specified network technologies.
The paper presents the measures that should be taken to improve the energy efficiency of modern technology making in the development of telecommunications networks of the future.