fuel consumption

Optimal gear shift algorithm in the car transmission during its deceleration

On the way to improving the car one can not avoid the problem of optimal gear shift in stage transmissions. Typically, the gear (stage) shift laws are distinguished, which are optimal because of fuel efficiency, either in terms of dynamics (speed), or in terms of comfort / safety of the car, etc. And all these types of laws are considered to be special, irreducible to each other. Because of this, in the designs of real automotive transmissions, it is often foreseen for the driver to have several automatic control programs at the same time.

Operational Conditions of Vehicles Motion and Formation of Urban Driving Cycle in the City of Lviv

To the greatest extent, the indicators of the motor vehicles being in the normative technical state are influenced by the operational conditions, which, in turn, are characterized by road, relief (terrain) and transport conditions.