функція розподілу

Algorithm for constructing the subsoil density distribution function considering its value on the surface

The conventional approach to constructing a three-dimensional distribution of the Earth's masses involves using Stokes constants incrementally up to a certain order. However, this study proposes an algorithm that simultaneously considers all of these constants, which could potentially provide a more efficient method. The basis for this is a system of equations obtained by differentiating the Lagrange function, which takes into account the minimum deviation of the three-dimensional mass distribution of the planet's subsoil from one-dimensional referential one.

Про вплив ревербераційної перешкоди на точність вимірювання функції розподілу рівнів мовного сигналу

Analytical and experimental investigations of influence of reverberation disturbances on measuring exactness of speech signal levels distributing function has been made.