The Bender fortress - the largest fortification in Moldova, consisting of a castle and a stone-earth fortress, was used by the 14th Army of the Russian Federation until 2008. Therefore for a long time, it was inaccessible for field studies, which soon revealed the contradiction between the accepted history and architecture. Two historical documents - the history of Sultan Suleiman about the construction of the fortress in 1538 and the memoirs of a traveler of the 17th century.

Features criminological characteristics of juvenile crime

The article contains a comparative criminological characteristics of juvenile crime.
Identified current trends in juvenile crime in Ukraine. The attention is focused on the
features that define the specifics of crimes committed by minors. The special features of the
criminological characteristics of juvenile crime, in particular, the author considers
increased latency, geography, group criminal activity, dependence of the level of crime by
seasonal fluctuations, typical and truncated nature of the specific structure of crime, a