graphic method


The Desna River is a tributary of the Dnieper with a total length of 575 km within Ukraine. 468 km of them flows through the Chernihiv region. The main pollution sources of the water bodies in the Chernihiv region are utilities. Continuous monitoring of the surface water state is relevant and necessary, as it allows to give a reliable water quality assessment, to identify the anthropogenic impact factors and to assess the technogenic loading in order to establish the level of water use and to develop a set of measures to improve the state of water and the environment in general.

A graphic method for the research into electrical load dynamics in residential appartments

The paper reports the results of research into forming the dynamics of electrical load in the flats equipped with gas cookers (evidence from town houses). A feature of the research consists in employing a graphic method, which uses the data of the quality analyzer G4500 BLACKBOX Portable and Automated Commercial Electricity Accounting System (ACEAS) as a basis for load dynamics modelling.

Source mechanism and tectonic setting of 29.09.2017 earthquake near Stebnyk

Purpose. The paper’s purpose consists in determining the source mechanism of 29.09.2017 earthquake near Stebnyk (21h46m8,4s, = 49,34˚, λ = 23,49˚, h = 1,9 км, MD = 2,9) using two methods – from polarities of first P-wave arrivals and by inversion of wave forms registered at a limited number of stations. Methodology. Seismic waves in the inhomogeneous medium represented by horizontally layered elastic structure are calculated using the matrix method.