Green's function

Mathematical modeling of impurity diffusion process under given statistics of a point mass sources system. I

The model of the impurity diffusion process in the layer where a system of random point mass sources acts, is proposed.  Mass sources of various power are uniformly distributed in a certain internal interval of the body.  Statistics of random sources are given.  The solution of the initial-boundary value problem is constructed as a sum of the homogeneous problem solution and the convolution of the Green's function and the system of the random point mass sources.  The solution is averaged over both certain internal subinterval and the entire body region.  Simulation unit

Investigation of drying the porous wood of a cylindrical shape

In the presented study, the mathematical model for drying the porous timber beam of a circular cross-section under the action of a convective-heat nonstationary flow of the drying agent is constructed.  When solving the problem, a capillary-porous structure of the beam is described in terms of a quasi-homogeneous medium with effective coefficients, which are chosen so that the solution in a homogeneous medium coincides with the solution in the porous medium.  The influence of the porous structure is taken into account by introducing into the Stefan–Maxwell equation the effective binary inte