harmonious development

Problems and prospects of investment support of ukrainian enterprises under european integration conditions

This article considers the problems and prospects of investment support of Ukrainian enterprises under European integration conditions.

A review of literature sources on the problem of investment support.

The dynamics of capital investments in the industry of Ukraine for the period 2015-2019 years is analyzed. The structure of foreign direct investments (share capital, debt instruments) in Ukraine for the period 2015-2019 years is analyzed. The structure of capital investments by sources of financing in Ukraine in 2019 year is investigated.

University Policy as an Object of Harmonious Development and State Regulation

The article proposes the concept of harmonious development and state regulation of the activities of higher education institutions with the aim of its adaptation in the system of higher education in Ukraine. The preconditions that lead to the development and introduction of a qualitatively new way of development of higher education are outlined. The main characteristics of the harmonious path of development are presented. As an example, the harmonious functioning of the Shanghai International Studies University is considered.