high-frequency magnetic amplifier

Multi-channel switching magamp power converter for radio recieving devices

Development of high-quality energy supply of radio receiving devices is an urgent task. The article discusses the methods of designing high-frequency multi-channel power converters based on high-frequency magnetic amplifiers, the magnetic cores of which are made of an amorphous alloy with a rectangular hysteresis loop. Their significant advantages when powering radio receiving devices are the high quality of the output voltages and the low level of electromagnetic interference, both radiated and conductive.

Unregulated transistor inverter for high-frequency magamp power converters

This article sets basic requirements for an unregulated high-frequency transistor inverter designed to work with regulators on magnetic amplifiers. The process of the development of such an inverter is described and the main results of its experimental research are given.

High-frequency magamp power inverter

Design of a high-frequency inverter with high quality of output parameters along with reduction of its circuit complexity and cost is a topical task. In the paper, the main methods of the design of high-frequency inverters are analyzed. The principle of a magnetic switch operation based on high-frequency magnetic amplifiers, whose magnetic core is made of amorphous alloy with rectangular hysteresis loop, is described.