Zealots' effect on opinion dynamics in complex networks

In this paper, we study zealots' effects on social networks.  Our social network is based on scale-free networks using Barabasi–Albert method and random networks using Erdős–Rényi method.  We used a pre-studied modified Voter model that includes zealots, individuals who never change their opinions.  We chose prominent individuals (i.e.

Preconditions and prospects of gas energy hub development in Ukraine towards european integration

The article considers the preconditions of gas energy hub in Ukraine. The classification of gas hubs according to their functional purpose and variants of gas markets models in accordance with the market relations development have been suggested. The peculiarities of Ukrainian underground gas storage system and natural gas consumption in the EU countries as well as the ratification of the Third Energy Package in Ukraine have been researched. The basic features of balancing gas hub have been determined.