hybrid war

NATO membership for Ukraine as a geopolitical imperative in the context of national and regional security

The historical events and geopolitical processes that affected and have influence on the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine are analysed. The NATO-Ukraine relationship in the period of Russian aggression and “hybrid war” are considered and the factors that can become decisive for global and regional security are examined.

The Role of Education in Overcoming the Negative Information Impacts Under the Post-True Era (Review Article)

The peculiarities of the post-truth interpretation, its key political manifestations and its impact on modern global society have been analyzed. It is asserted about the importance of education in combating the negative effects of post-truth political practice.

Historical Aspects of the Development of Accounting System in the Context of Hostilities

The urgency of carrying out scientific researches on the influence of military actions on the accounting system is substantiated in the article. The main directions of the development of accounting system in the context of the military operations implementation (accounting system for the subjects of the military operations, accounting system for enterprises that provides a support in the course of military conflicts, accounting system for the property of enterprises, whose activities were directly influenced by military actions, is considered as a political tool for military conflicts).


The article raises the problem of maintaining journalism information standards in conditions of the hybrid war. The regional mass-media of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are 4 analyzed as nearest to the media zone and those who are exposed to information influence of someone else’s propagation (propaganda). The attention is drawn to the inadmissibility of legitimization of separatist groups in ORDLO (separate districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions) in social consciousness.